Shore Dreams for Kids is a fully exempt non-profit organization who throughout the year set out to raise money to hold an annual event for approximately 900+ children from the Special Olympics to children of Make A Wish, Oceans of Love Support Group for Children with Cancer and mentally and physically challenged children as well as special needs children and their families throughout the area to a day at the shore.


Shore Dreams For Kids is a non-profit corporation who’s concept was based on a “DAY ON THE BAY”, by the Day on the Bay Foundation Inc. established in 1990, who is no longer in operation.

“DAY ON THE BAY” was an annual event held once a year to provide special athletes from the Special Olympics and their families a day of entertainment which included food, drinks, music, and gifts for everyone with race boat displays.

The Day on the Bay Foundation Inc. successfully produced this event for 10 years and made it what it was up until its last year in 2000. With the full approval of the Day on the Bay Foundation, Shore Dreams for Kids had been established to pick up where they had left off with the intent on expanding the event to not only include athletes from the Special Olympics but to mentally and physically challenged children as well as special needs children and their families throughout the area.

Shore Dreams for Kids is made up of volunteers from all over New Jersey and surrounding areas that share a love for power boating and sharing something special with others who are less fortunate.

We are committed to bringing community awareness to those children who love the open water who may never be able to experience the thrill of power boating.

The men and women who help make this annual event possible are a truly unique group of people who love the water, life and their cause. It will touch your heart when you see the joy in the children’s eyes after riding in a Performance Powerboat.

The children show us the real reason to be involved.

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Operation: SHORE FUN!

In June 2013, as part of the “Atlantic City Festival of Speed” we wanted to incorporate a way to “give back.” We have successfully given back to the community with our Shore Dreams For Kids event for over the last 12 years. So we collaboratively came up with the idea of inviting 38 Combat Wounded Veterans and their immediate families to come down to the Golden Nugget for the day. It was a huge success! This year we are inviting 100 Combat Wounded Veterans as well as active military members and their families to attend!

Combat Wounded Veterans Of America (CWVA) is a veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, service and events for Combat Wounded Veterans veterans of the military. CWVA's is to ensure that all our nations verified combat wounded veterans be properly recognized, honored, and supported for their sacrifices.

We are looking for boat owners to donate 1, 2 or 3 rides on Saturday afternoon of July 18th 2016 to a Combat Wounded Veteran or active military member. We cannot think of a better way to say THANK YOU to all of the amazing men and women who selflessly served our country overseas defending our country and our freedoms. While your participation is purely optional we hope in your heart you'll feel differently. Later in the day we will host a reception for the Combat Wounded Veterans Of America with complimentary beer, wine and hors devours. All of the generous people who volunteered their boats and time are invited to attend!

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